City of Chardon reduces lighting energy demand by 59%

The City of Chardon is located in Northeast Ohio amidst the snow belt of the Great Lakes. About 10 miles from Lake Erie it is the county seat of Geauga County and is surrounded by the Townships of Chardon, Hamden and Munson. With a population of about 5,200 residents Chardon is a typical small town with lots of old-time charm.

Customer Issues
Not unlike any other Township or City, Chardon is always concerned about excess spending and is looking for ways to reduce spending. One of the major ways to save money is by reducing energy consumption. The city knew that 23% of electricity in a commercial building is consumed by lighting, making it the single largest consumer of energy. So they researched available options. After thorough analysis and exhaustive price comparison the city found their LED lighting partner in Energy Efficient Facilities, a Division of Shiffler Equipment Sales, Inc. located in Chardon. EEF specializes in energy efficient lighting upgrades that include lighting audits, complete proposals and the latest in LED technology. The audits found that most of the lighting was comprised of linear fluorescent fixtures, with a mix of older T12 and some newer, more energy efficient T8 lamps.

Lighting Solution
Energy Efficient Facilities recommended a complete TLED (tubular LED) upgrade. The proposed lamps, available in 2’ and 4’ , run on direct line voltage. This ensures that the city has control over the actual energy consumption of the lamps rather than keeping the old existing fluorescent ballast in place as some LED Tube manufacturers propose. With only 8 watts of energy for the 2’ version and 15 watts for the 4’ lamps, these lamps offer superior white light and significantly reduced energy consumption. Further at 83+CRI these lamps provide excellent color rendering, ensuring building residents see colors as vibrant as they are under natural light. The city chose to use 4000K lamps which will provide consistent bright white throughout the buildings.

End Result
After the upgrade EEF estimates the city will save approximately $20,000 annually, or $1,675 a month, in energy cost and reduce the load by 147,000 kWh or 59%. EEF helped the city take advantage of a lighting rebate program offered through First Energy and secured over $10,000 in rebate money to help pay for the new lighting upgrade. Considering the expected energy savings and the rebate money, the
payback for the lighting project is about 1 year. Additionally the city will enjoy further savings due to reduced demand for maintenance and replacement lamps.
The new installed lamps have a rated life of 50,000 hours, which equals almost 6 years at 24/7 hrs operation. In areas where the burn hours are less the city can expect to have those lights without any need for replacements for 10-15 years.

With more than 6 years of lighting experience working for an LED lighting manufacturer Julia’s product and industry knowledge ensures that we can keep you in the light of what’s good and new.

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