LED Holiday Lights

‘Tis the season… to put up holiday lights and celebrate with lights.

And most of us do; we decorate our trees and houses, hang lights from the roof and wrap bushes in twinkling colorful strings of light. We frame our windows with more strings of lights and set up electric candles to be seen from outside. And then, to top it off, we put a tree in our living room and decorate that with even more lights; all in the name of festivity.

Don’t get me wrong, I do the same thing. These are beacons a light and joy in our otherwise dark winter nights. But did you ever think about how much energy those lights consume? And what about safety issues as we plug 5, 10, 15 strands of incandescent lamps into one socket?

Christmas light

Burned Electric Candle – the dangers of Incandescent lamps

A friend of mine (thanks Chris) send me this photo showing a burned electric candle he had sitting in a window. Imagine that happening in your home; next thing you know the curtain is on fire and you have yourself a major catastrophe just before the holidays.





Here’s a table from Skylers Holiday Lights a company specializing in holiday lights in Texas. $2.25 per string doesn’t sound much, but scale it up. I have a modest 8 strings around the house and yard, plus 3 in the tree; that’s 11 x $2.25 = $24.75. Switching to LED would mean $0.44; that’s $24.31 extra cash in my pocket.


The cost of LED Holiday Lights








And there are many other benefits to switching to LED Holiday Lights:

LED Holiday Lights are SAFER

Because LED lights only transmit light and not heat, they stay cool, reducing the risk of fire or burnt fingers that incandescent lights can cause.

LED Holiday Lights are MORE DURABLE

Incandescent lights and mini lights are made of glass or thin plastic, making broken bulbs a common occurrence. LEDs are surrounded by an unbreakable poly resin.

LED Holiday Lights LAST LONGER

An LED string will typically last about 40 holiday seasons.


Because LEDs use so little energy, they are better for the environment and your electricity bill.

So in the end consider this: While LED string lights do cost more initially, they drastically lower operating costs and provide a safer means to celebrate the season.

And check with your local Home Depot: Many offer old light recycling and will give you a discount off your next purchase.

Or check out this company online: Holiday Lights recycle and rebate program




With more than 6 years of lighting experience working for an LED lighting manufacturer Julia’s product and industry knowledge ensures that we can keep you in the light of what’s good and new.

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